Sleep is just a dream

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lyme Disease-What makes it tick?

Lyme disease tends to effect us most differently.  Many have heart palpitations, or weight gain, or seasonal, food and/or chemical allergies, yet many do not.  Some can no longer tolerate heat, or cold, or both. It makes some of us want to sleep  non stop 24/7 and others would love to be able to sleep more than just a few hours a night. 

There is one common factor though, how lyme disease makes you want to learn more, learn everything you possibly can about it.  In the past 6 years I have spent countless hours reading everything I could find on this disease.

I have read things about this disease, from the most common  to the most bizarre.  The scariest part about it all, is its all true.  The many things that this disease can do to a person are quite bizarre.  Some of the many protocols used to treat the disease are even more bizarre.  The most outrageous thing about this disease is the fact that those of us living it are far more knowledgeable about the mechanisms of Lyme Disease than most medical doctors, leaving us in a precarious predicament.  

We are now forced to research the disease on our own, find a doctor that will somewhat agree with your thoughts and move forward.  A much easier feat to write it down in a sentence then it is to practice it.  I was one of the lucky ones, my doctor not only believes in Chronic Lyme Disease, but he believes it can at least be controlled with herbs.  Lucky for me his brother is now my herbalist. 

I hope you will join me frequently as I begin to blog my way through Lyme.