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Saturday, October 13, 2012


A few weeks ago I began getting these spots of burning on my body. Almost like someone was holding a lit cigarette on my skin. I called my herbalist and got an appointment. A few days later I decided to also make an appointment with my doctor. The appointment with my Dr was first, I explained what I was feeling and he automatically said, "neuropathy." The last thing I expected to hear. I don't know why, I know its common with lyme, just didn't expect it for some reason. I have watched my mom suffer with neuropathy for several years now and for some reason just didn't link my symptoms with hers. The pain has been awful but I have done some research and it seems it can be alleviated somewhat with B vitamins. Neuropathy is typically caused by nerve damage due to infections, traumatic injuries, exposure to toxins and metabolic problems, also disease such as Lyme Disease. In my case I have had the traumatic injury (stroke) and Lyme Disease. After my doctors visit, I called my herbalist and told him, he is not sure if there is anything herbally for neuropathy but is going to look into it. Meanwhile I am on Metanx, which is mostly comprised of B vitamins. I was at first angry that I had to deal with yet another symptom of this disease. But I don't stay angry for long, takes to much energy to dwell on what you cannot change or control. Instead, I did what I have done since I found out I had lyme disease, I researched and applied the most natural remedies that I could find. I talked to others that have the same affliction to see what natural remedies thay had found. Unfortunately, most turn to prescription pain meds which I just won't take. Perhaps, someday, if the pain gets unbearable, I may turn to that, but I highly doubt it.

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