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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Then the hurricane hit

Well it's been a few weeks till I could get back here. Got hit by the hurricane and lost electric for a couple weeks again. All is well as far as that goes now but I have had a bit of a set back where the lyme is concerned. Got a call from my dentist that I was due for a teeth cleaning. For any of you that deal with lyme, you most likely know what this means. Lyme loves to live in the moist warmth of the mouth and any time the mouth is messed with it brings out the lyme in full force. It is usually recommended that you begin a course of antibiotics before a teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, when your in remission this leads to other complications, for instance, once you begin antibiotics the lyme comes out, the war begins, remission is over. I contacted my herbalist and got on the herbal antibiotics, will take them throughout the next 2 weeks, my cleaning is scheduled for Tuesday. Been feeling pretty lousy since I began the herbals, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. It's a roller coaster ride and not a fun one. I am hoping to fly through this latest setback and get back to remission as soon as possible. In the meantime I would like to mention something that has come up recently. The other day on a facebook post I used the word Lymie, got a message from someone also with lyme telling me she finds the word "lymie" offensive. I really don't know why but as I told her, it is what I feel I am and I will continue to use it. She doesn't have to read my posts if they offend her. I was kind of puzzled by her reaction as I have never had anyone confront me about it before. I wonder if the word offends anyone else. Anyone???? So things are getting back to normal since the hurricane. We have electric and heat and the stove to cook on so all is good. I would however like to extend my good wishes and hope for a better tomorrow to my friends in NJ. I hope your lives get back to normal soon. Now I just need to get through the dratted winter. I hate the cold, increases my pain level tenfold, especially now with the neuropathy added on to it. But, as with everything else I deal with, this to shall pass. Or at the least, I will learn to live with it.

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